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The Emperor

Voice By Pat Morita
Animated By T. Dan Hofstedt

The Emperor of China, saved by Mulan.

Close-Up of The EmperorThe Emperor and Mulan

The Emperor The Emperor The Emperor

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Voice By Harvey Fierstein
Animated By Aaron Blaise

Hot-headed. Willing to get in a fight if need be.

Yao The Fab Three

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Voice By Gedde Watanabe
Singing Voice By Matthew Wilder
Animated By Broose Johnson

Seems to be a ladies' man. Well, he thinks so.

Ling The Fab Three and Mulan

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Chien Po

Voice By Jerry Tondo
Animated By Broose Johnson

Calm and peaceful.
Uses his size and strength to help his comrades.

Chien Po

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Voice By Miguel Ferrer
Animated By Pres Rumanillos

The Villian of the movie, enough said!
Leader of The Huns' Army

"What do you see?"

"How many men does it take to deliver a message?"

"The soldier from the mountains."

Shan-Yu Shan-Yu
Shan-Yu Shan-Yu


Shan-Yu and Mulan

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Fa Zhou

Voice By Soon Tek Oh
Animated By Mark Henn

Mulan's Father. Wounded during his years in The Emperor's Army.

Fa Zhou Fa Zhou and Mulan Fa Zhou and Mulan

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Fa Li

Voice By Freda Fo Shen
Animated By Joe Haidar

Mulan's Mother. The traditional wife and mother.

Fa Li The Fas

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Grandmother Fa

Voice By June Forey
Singing Voice By Marni Nixon
Animated By Jeff Varab

Mulan's Grandmother and Fa Zhou's mother.
Spreads humor and wisdom she has learned during her years.

Grandmother Fa

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