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- "Mulan" 2-Disc Special Edition DVD will be available on October 26, 2004. Pre-Order the DVD here!

- "Mulan 2" will be available on February 1, 2005. Pre-Order the DVD here!

- What's New? An E-Mail from "Mulan" Fan "Aaron": "Greetings, I have a bit of news I thought you might like for your Mulan site. I interviewed James Hong last week and while we were speaking of Mulan, he told me that he had recently reprised the role of Chi Fu for the pilot episode of a Mulan animated series. They are now trying to sell it to ABC television. If they don't pick it up, perhaps the Disney channels will. Later--Aaron"....Thanks Aaron for the update.

Mulan Parade at Walt Disney World.

- Welcome to Version 2 of The MULAN Page. Daily updates will begin during the first week of this new site. Here are some of the features you're find in this new version of the site: a lot more pictures of the characters, cast, and scenes from the movie; more information on the crew and cast of the feature; production stills and sketches; information on the songs, lyrics and performers on the soundtrack; a list of Mulan Merchandise available online, including a trading area for Mulan Merchandise; a detailed Mulan Gallery; and over 80 links to other Mulan Fan Sites. I'VE BEEN GETTING SOME E-MAILS ABOUT BROKEN IMAGES AROUND MY SITE. THIS IS JUST AN ERROR OF THE SERVER. TO CORRECT THIS RELOAD THE IMAGE BY EITHER RIGHT CLICKING ON THE IMAGE AND SELECTING "SHOW PICTURE" OR JUST CLICK AND HOLD THE MOUSE BUTTON AND A DROP DOWN MENU WILL APPEAR, THEN SELECT "LOAD THE IMAGE". THAT SHOULD WORK. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.

- The Soundtrack and Home Video of Disney's Mulan are still available. Check out both the Merchandise and Music Sections of The MULAN Page for more information on purchasing either of these items.

- "The Art of Disney's Mulan" Auction: Sotheby's, New York City, March 4, 1999. A costumed Mushu was at the auction during the previewing of items for auction. A pair of maquettes, one of Chi Fu and one of the Emperor went for $3,450 at auction. Lea Salonga was part of the live entertainment for the auction.

- The original Mulan Trailers are available to view on a few the Home Video releases from Walt Disney Home Video. On the "Hercules" Home Video, see the original, unfinished trailer and on the "Peter Pan" Home Video, see the original, completed trailer.

- If you have a Mulan Fan Site and it's not on the Mulan Links Page, please fill out the form at the bottom of the links page and I'll add the site during the next update.

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