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Mulan Black and White

Voice By Ming-Na Wen
Singing Voice By Lea Salonga
Animated by Mark Henn

Mulan wants her parents to be proud of her, but she feels she will never receive that. Her father is called to war and becomes to sick to go. Mulan takes his armor, cuts her hair, dresses like a soldier and takes the place of her father. Her Ancestors send her a magical dragon named Mushu to assist her in the war.
Fa Mulan Mulan Studying

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Voice By Ming-Na Wen
Singing Voice By Lea Salonga
Animated by Mark Henn

The name Mushu suggests to Mulan to go by when Captain Li Shang asks for her (his) name.

Ping and Shang

Ping Image Gallery

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Mushu Seal

Voice By Eddie Murphy
Animated By Tom Bancroft

The magical dragon who assists Mulan during her time in training and
in battle. He also wants to earn back the respect of the Fa family's Ancestors.

Mushu is also the comic relief during the film.

"You da man, well...sort of."

"Dishonor. Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow..."

He Did It

Mushu Image Gallery

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Shang Seal

Voice By B. D. Wong
Singing Voice By Donny Osmond
Animated By Ruben A. Aquino

Captain of the Emperor's Imperial Army that Mulan joins disguised as a man.

Captain Li Shang

Captain Li Shang Image Gallery

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(Cricket friend to Mulan)

Animated By Barry Temple

A cricket and an amulet of good luck of Mulan's grandmother.

Cri-Kee Clip-Art Cri-Kee Clip-Art Cri-Kee
A Nice Criket Bath Cri-Kee on a lily pad

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Little Brother Seal

Animated By Shawn Keller and Byron Howard

Mulan's pet dog. Helps with the chores.
Not to bright, but means well.

Little Brother Feeding The Chickens Little Brother and Mulan Little Brother Clip-Art

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Khan Seal

Voice By Frank Welker
Animated By Alex Kupershmidt

Mulan's horse.
Always by Mulan's side, when she need him.

Close up of Khan Khan Khan and Mulan

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