Part 5: The Victory Parade - The End

[Cut to the victory parade in the Imperial City. Fireworks go off, kites are flying. The drummers march by, followed by the flutist, followed by the acrobats. The Parade Leader follows, then Shang and his men, followed by lion dancers]
Parade Leader Make way for the heros of China.
[Shang leads the men on horseback, all have sorrowful looks on their faces. Mulan rides up through the crowd and stops. She looks around and sees Shang in the parade]
Mulan [calling out] Shang! [riding next to him]
Shang [surprised] Mulan?
Mulan The Huns are alive, they're in the city.
Shang You don't belong here Mulan, go home.
Mulan [with a scowl rides khan to the other side of Shang] Shang, I saw them in the mountains. You have to believe me.
Shang Why should I?
Mulan [riding ahead to block Shang's horse] Why else would I come back? You said you'd trust Ping. Why is Mulan any different?
[Shang turns his horse and rides around Mulan and goes forward]
Mulan [to Yao, Chien-Po and Ling] Keep your eyes open. I know they're here. Hya.
[Mulan rides off and stops near the entrance to the palace, she dismounts Khan and runs into the palace yard]
Mushu Now where are you going?
Mulan [calling over her shoulder] To find someone who will believe me. [Mulan runs into the palace yard]
[Cut to the parade procession stopping in front of the Emperor on the steps of the palace. Chi Fu stands next to Shang and gives him Shan-Yu's sword. The Lion dancers stop behind Shang. A palace man strikes a large gong and the people fall silent]
Emperor My children, heaven smiles down upon the Middle Kingdom. China will sleep safely tonight thanks to our brave warriors.
[The crowd cheers]
[Cut to Mulan at the fringe of the crowd]
Mulan [approaching Man #1 laying her hand on his shoulder] Sir, the Emperor's in danger! [Man #1 rips his shoulder away from Mulan's touch and moves away] [agitated] But the Huns are here! [Mulan walks up to Man #2] Please, you have to help me. [Man #2 walks away from Mulan] [turning to Mushu who is standing near her in the yard] No one will listen!
Mushu Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something?
Mulan [irritatedly] Mushu!
Mushu Hey, you're a girl again, remember?
[Cut to Shang holding the sword before the Emperor]
Shang [kneeling down giving the sword to the Emperor] Your Majesty, I present to you the sword of Shan-Yu.
Emperor I know what this means to you, Captain Li. Your father would have been very proud.
[Shan-Yu's falcon swoops down and takes the sword as Shang is giving it to the Emperor. The falcon rises above the roof and drops the sword to Shan-Yu who was sitting next to the gargoyles in the shadows blending in. He rises out of the shadows to catch the sword so that all the people can see his face. The masses of people gasp at the sight of Shan-Yu. Shang begins to draw his sword. All 5 of Shan-Yu's men jump out from behind the dragon knocking down Shang and grab the Emperor knocking off his hat. Hun Bald Man #1 and #2 carry the Emperor into the Palace. Long-Haired Hun Man and Hun Strong Guy close the palace doors as Hun archer knocks his arrow retreating into the Palace to threaten would be rescue attempts]
Shang [getting up and running toward the closing doors] No.
Yao [beckoning to the other soldiers] C'mon.
[Shang reaches the palace doors just as they close with all the Huns inside]
Shan-Yu [laughs evily] Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.
[Shang and his soldiers pick up a big stone statue and use it as a battering ram. They are unsuccessful at opening the doors. Mulan sees what's going on and arrives at the steps]
Mulan [to herself] They'll never reach the Emperor in time. [She looks at the columns and runs near to the Shang and his soldiers. She whistles loudly catching the soldiers' attention] Hey guys, I've got an idea. [Mulan runs around the palace to the right towards the columns]
[Song: I'll Make a Man Out of You (reprise) plays in the background during the next action sequence]
Chorus (Be a man)
We must be swift as
the coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force
of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength
of a raging fire
Mysterious as the
dark side of the moon
[Yao, Ping and Chien-Po look at one another then drop the statue and follow Mulan. Shang looks astonished. Around the corner Yao, Ling and Chien-Po begin to take off their armor and dress as women. Once the transformation is complete, they take out their sashes and prepare to shimmy up the columns. Shang arrives and taps Mulan on the shoulder. He takes off his cape and wraps it around the column to signify that he's coming along. They shimmy up the poles together]
[End song]
[Cut to Hun Bald Man #1 and #2 arriving with the Emperor and a high balcony within the palace. Shan-Yu drops down from the roof]
Shan-Yu Boo. [Shan-Yu steps into the balcony next to the Emperor] [to Hun Bald Man #1 and #2] Guard the door [they walk off down the stairs that lead to the balcony]. [pacing around the Emperor] Your walls and armies have fallen, and now it's your turn. Bow to me.
[Cut to the entrance to the stairwell that leads to the balcony. Hun Bald Man #1 and #2 come down the stairs and close the door, joining Hun Archer Man, Hun Strong Man and Hun Long-Hair Man. Mulan and company are around the corner]
Mulan [whispering] Okay, any questions?
Yao [whispering] Does this dress make me look fat? [Mulan slaps him] Ow.
[Mulan, Yao, Ling and Chien-Po walk out smiling, giggling and trying to act lady-like including holding fans and waving fans]
Hun Archer Who's there?
Hun Bald Man #2 [putting down Hun Bald Man #1's sword] Concubines.
Hun Bald Man #1 Ugly concubines.
Ling [waving daintily, speaking to Yao] Oh he's so cute.
[Hun Bald Man #2 smiles and waves back. Hun Bald Man #1 elbows Hun Bald Man #2. A bitten apple falls out from beneath Ling's dress. He pulls the dress out and turns so as not to expose the loss of figure]
Shang [from around the corner putting his head down into his hand] Aww.
[Shan-Yu's Falcon sees Shang and starts to squawk. Mushu from above singes off all his feathers with his fire breathing]
Mushu [to Cri-Kee sitting above him] Now that's what I call Mongolian Barbeque. [Cri-Kee rolls on his back in laughter. The stunned falcon doesn't do anything]
[Hun Bald Man #2 picks up the apple and offers it back to Ling. Ling, Yao, and Chien-Po pull out the fruit they were using to simulate a woman's chest. Chien-Po takes his watermelons and smashes them on the heads of Hun Bald Man #1 and #2. He then smashes their two heads together and they fall to the ground. Ling pushes the apple into Hun Long-Hair man's mouth and kicks him in the stomach causing Hun Long-Hair Man to stoop over on the ground. Ling uses his head to crack Hun Long-Hair Man's back. Hun Strong Guy lunges his fist at Yao and misses, he misses with the other. Yao grabs the outstretched arm and flips him over onto his head. Mulan kicks away Hun Archer Man's bow and knocked arrow, avoids his strike by turning her back to Hun Archer. She follows with a left elbow to the stomach followed by a left upper cut knocking Hun Archer to the ground. She sits on his back and uses the bow to pull his head back]
Mulan [calling out] Shang, GO!
[Shang runs out from behind the corner, charges through the door and runs up the stairs]
[Cut to Shan-Yu and the Emperor on the balcony]
Shan-Yu I tire of your arrogance old man. [yelling and putting his sword at the emperor's throat] Bow to me!
Emperor No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.
Shan-Yu Then you will kneel in pieces. [Shan-Yu draws back his sword to strike the Emperor]
[Shang runs up in time to block the striking blow of Shan-Yu with his sword. Shang swipes with his sword. Shan-Yu grabs Shang's arm and throws him towards the edge. Shang grabs onto a column and he flies over the edge and uses the momentum to swing back and kick Shan-Yu. Shan-Yu falls to the ground, Shang on top of him. Shang punches Shan-Yu. Shan-Yu grabs Shang and rolls over forcing Shang to be on his back underneath him. Shang uses his knee to hit Shan-Yu from behind as he uses his hand to hit him in the head. Shang forces Shan-Yu onto his back and grabs his arm pulling it behind Shan-Yu's back. Mulan, Chien-Po, Yao and Ling enter the balcony from the stairs]
Mulan Chien-Po, get the Emperor.
Chien-Po [standing in front of the Emperor and bowing] Sorry, your Majesty.
[Chien-Po lifts up the Emperor and runs over to Mulan who is by a rope attached to a column in the balcony. Chien-Po uses his sash as a pulley and rides down the rope to the ground. Shan Yu watches the Emperor leave]
Shan-Yu No!
[Shan-Yu uses his free arm to elbow Shang in the face. Shan-Yu gets up and head-butts Shang and throws him to the ground. Shang lies limp. Mulan watches Shang fall then she looks over the edge at Ling and Yao now on the ground. Chien-Po runs off the screen out of sight]
Yao [motioning her to follow] Come on!
[Mulan looks down at Shang with a worried look. Shan- Yu begins to approach Mulan and the rope. Mulan looks at the approaching Shan-Yu and then down to spy his sword. Thinking quickly, Mulan grabs Shan-Yu's sword and cuts the taught rope. Shan-Yu reaches the edge and grabs for the falling rope unsuccessfully as Mulan leaves the sword embedded in the column and runs to Shang's position. The crowd cheers]
Shan-Yu No! [He looks down at the crowd and realizes he cannot find the Emperor among the throng of people] Yrraaaaahhhh!
[Shan-Yu turns and looks back and sees Mulan looking concerned, holding up Shang. Shan-Yu pulls out his sword lodged in the column and heads toward them. As Shang sees Shan-Yu approaching, he puts his arm in front of Mulan to ask her to leave and takes out his knife. Mulan slides away. Shan-Yu comes up to Shang, knocks away his knife, slaps him in the face, and grabs Shang by the shirt collar]
Shan-Yu [in Shang's face] You, you took away my victory.
[Mulan's shoe hits Shan-Yu in the head and bounces back to her feet. Shan-Yu turns toward Mulan]
Mulan No! I did! [Mulan pulls her hair back to look like she did when she was a soldier]
Shan-Yu [looking at Mulan] The soldier from the mountains.
[Shan-Yu drops Shang and starts after Mulan as she puts on her shoe and runs down the stairs and through the doors to the balcony. She closes the door with the latch falling in place right behind her. She leans against the doors. Shan-Yu punches a hole in one door with his fist. Mulan runs away from the doors down the corridor. Mushu riding Shan-Yu's falcon like a horse catches up with Mulan]
Mushu So what's the plan?
Mulan Ummmm.
Mushu You don't have a plan?!
Mulan Hey, I'm making this up as I...[looks out a window and spies the firework tower] go. Mushu--
Mushu Way ahead of you sister. C'mon Cri-Kee. [Mushu and Cri-Kee jump onto a kite and use the wings to soar over toward the fireworks tower]
[Cut to Shan-Yu. Shan-Yu breaks through the doors and catches up to Mulan swinging his sword wildly knocking down a support column with every swipe. Mulan runs and ducks his every blow. Mulan climbs up a column to get out of Shan-Yu's reach. Shan-Yu slices the base of the column causing it to fall and break through the outer wall. Mulan screams as the beam falls and comes to a stop. Mulan gets up on the beam and jumps up to catch onto the awning. She looks off to her right and spies Mushu arriving at the fireworks tower]
[Zoom in on the fireworks tower. Mushu lands near Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft (the firework lighters) on the edge of the tower]
Mushu Citizens, I need firepower.
Barry Cook Who are you?
Mushu [Mushu (using the wings from the kite) and Cri-Kee with wings spread like batman] You're worst nightmare.
[Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft jump off the tower and plunge toward the ground]
[Cut to Mulan. She pulls herself onto the roof and climbs up to the crest]
Man in Crowd #1 On the roof.
Man in Crowd #2 Look!
[Mulan lines up where she is standing with the fireworks tower across the way. Shan-Yu breaks through the roof behind Mulan surprising her. Mulan backs away and searches for something on her person to help her against Shan-Yu. She finds a her fan, takes it out, and opens it]
Shan-Yu It looks like you're out of ideas.
[Shan-Yu lunges with his sword. Mulan dodges to her right and lets the sword go right through the fan. She closes the fan back up on the sword and twists the fan with both hands so that Shan-Yu loses his grip. The sword flies toward Mulan and she catches it by the handle slipping off the fan with her sword movement]
Mulan Not quite. [calling out] Ready, Mushu?
Mushu [behind Shan-Yu tied to a large rocket firework] I am ready, baby. [He blows fire onto a stick and hands the stick to Cri-Kee who's standing on the firework] Light me! [Cri-Kee lights the fuse]
[Shan-Yu approaches Mulan. Using the sword as a lever, Mulan lunges at Shan-Yu kicking him in the face then sweep kicks him and he falls to the ground. Mulan picks the sword back up and stabs it into Shan-Yu's cape. The rocket on Mushu ignites and hurls him toward Shan-Yu. Mulan lies flat down on the left side of the roof. Shan-Yu sees the approaching rocket and tries to run, but the sword has him pinned to the spot. The rocket hits Shan-Yu square in the belly propelling him toward the firework tower. Mushu grabbed onto the sword as he went by letting the rocket do the work. Cri-Kee hangs on to Mushu's tail. Mulan jumps back up to the crest of the roof and runs away from the fireworks tower grabbing Mushu and Cri-Kee off the sword]
Mulan [while running] Get off the roof, get off the roof, get off the roof.
[The rocket rides Shan-Yu into the fireworks tower causing masses of explosions and fireworks to fly everywhere. Mulan jumps near the edge of the roof. Propelled by the explosion, she grabs onto a lantern that is hanging on a taught rope and starts to slide down. She looks down and releases her grip so that she lands on the back of Shang causing the two of them to fall to the ground. Shan-Yu's sword follows and lands on the ground near by]
Mushu [landing and flying backwards on his butt a couple of times pointing at the fireworks]: Ah ha ha ha ha. [Mushu's catches Cri-Kee with antenna on fire as Cri-Kee falls toward him] [to Cri-Kee] You are a lucky bug. [Mushu pinches out the fire on Cri-Kee's antenna]
Chi Fu [walking down the stairs in a tattered outfit and slightly burned] That was a deliberate attempt on my life. Where is she? Now she's done it. What a mess. [Shang and troops push Mulan behind them to protect her] [to Shang] Stand aside, that creature's not worth protecting.
Shang [in Chi Fu's face] She's a hero.
Chi Fu 'Tis a woman. She will never be worth anything.
Shang [grabbing Chi Fu by the shirt collar] Listen, you pompous--
Emperor [walking down the steps] That is enough!
Shang Your Majesty, I can explain.
[The Emperor motions for Shang to stand aside. Shang and his men part giving the Emperor a clear path to Mulan. Mulan steps forward and bows before the Emperor. Chi Fu with a sinister look waits to write down the words of the Emperor]
Emperor I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese army, destroyed my palace, have saved us all. [the Emperor bows to Mulan]
[Chi Fu looks at the Emperor actions astonishingly then immediately falls prostrate before Mulan. Shang, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po follow suit. Mulan looks up then turns around hardly believing what she sees as the entire Chinese population within the palace grounds fall prostrate on the ground in a wave like pattern, bowing to her. Khan bows with Mushu and Cri-Kee on his back]
Mushu My little baby's all grown up and savin' China. [to Cri-Kee] You have a tissue?
Emperor Chi Fu,
Chi Fu Your Excellency?
Emperor See to it that this woman is made a member of my council.
Chi Fu [muttering to himself] A member of your coun...[realizing what the Emperor has said] what? [stutters] But there are no council positions open, your Majesty.
Emperor [to Mulan] Very well then, you can have his job [pointing out Chi Fu].
Chi Fu [wobbling to and fro] What?...My...[faints]
Mulan [smiles big then turns to the Emperor and bows] With all due respect, your Excellency. I think I've been away from home long enough.
Emperor [taking off his pendant] Then take this, so your family will know what you have done for me. And this [handing her the sword of Shan-Yu] so the world will know what you have done for China.
[Mulan takes the gifts and hugs the Emperor]
Yao Is she allowed to do that? [Shang, Ling, and Chien-Po shrug]
[Mulan walks away from the Emperor and is embraced by Yao and Ling. Chien-Po comes up and lifts all three of them off the ground in a big bear hug. Chien-Po lets them all back to the ground again. Mulan walks toward Shang and stops in front of him. As Shang begins to speak Mulan starts to smile anticipating something good]
Shang Um...[Mulan grins] You... [Mulan smiles] You fight good.
Mulan [smile turning into disappointment] Oh, thank you. [Mulan walks toward Khan]
Shang [turning toward Mulan and grunts with disappointment in himself] Hmm.
[Mulan mounts Khan]
Mulan Khan, let's go home.
[Khan jumps down the steps and gallops on the flat parts of the stair case back down to ground level. The crowd cheers al the while. The Emperor approaches Shang and clears his throat]
Emperor [to Shang] The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
Shang [dumbfounded] Sir?
Emperor You don't meet a girl like that ev'ry dynasty. [The emperor puts on his hat and walks back up the steps to his palace]
[Cut to Mulan's home, her father is sitting beneath the blossom tree. A blossom falls and lands on his leg. Mulan appears at the threshold and moves toward her father. Fa Zhou sees her approaching and starts to stand]
Fa Zhou Mulan.
[Mulan quickly moves in front of her father and kneels causing him to sit back down]
Mulan Father, I brought you the sword of Shan-Yu [hands the sword to Fa Zhou] and the crest of the Emperor [hands the crest to Fa Zhou]. [with head bowed] They're gifts to honor the Fa Family.
[Fa Zhou takes the gifts and throws them down to the ground beside him to the surprise of Mulan. He bends down and holds her arms outstretched]
Fa Zhou The greatest gift and honor, is having you for a daughter. [Fa Zhou wipes away Mulan's tear then hugs Mulan] I've missed you so.
Mulan I've missed you too Baba.
[Fa li and Grandma Fa watch from the doorway]
Fa Li [sighing] Ahhhhh
Grandma Fa Great, she brings home a sword. If you ask me she should have brought home a ma--[leaving her mouth open when she sees Shang]
Shang [just arriving] Excuse me, does Fa Mulan live here?
[Grandma Fa's mouth stays open as she and Fa Li point toward Mulan's position. Shang walks toward Mulan and Fa Zhou]
Grandma Fa Woo, sign me up for the next war.
[Shang approaches seeing Fa Zhou]
Shang [bows before Fa Zhou and speaks confidently] Honorable Fa Zhou I-- Mulan [Mulan steps up. Shang sees her and speaks insecurely] Uh...Uh...You forgot your helmet. W-w-well, actually it's your helmet, isn't it?...[handing the helmet toward Fa Zhou] I mean...
[Fa Zhou motions with his head for Mulan to take over. Mulan holds the helmet Shang offers]
Mulan Would you like to stay for dinner?
Grandma Fa [speaking from stage right] Would you like to stay forever? [Mulan shakes her head with a smile at Grandma Fa's statement]
Shang [reassuredly to Mulan] Dinner would be great.
[Cut to First Ancestor grinning happily looking at the scene through the temple window. He watches Mulan hand the helmet back to Fa Zhou. Mushu climbs up to the window sill by First Ancestor's his head]
Mushu [tugging on First Ancestor's ear] C'mon, who did a good job? C'mon, tell me who did a good job.
First Ancestor [hesitantly] Oh, all right. You can be a guardian again.
Mushu Ah-ha. Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo. [Mushu runs to his post and Cri-Kee bangs the gong awakening all the ancestors]
Mushu Take it Cri-Kee.
[Song: True to Your Heart -- No characters sing in the song]
[Ancestor 1 does a dance from Pulp Fiction while Ancestor 3 does the Hand Jive]
Ancestor 3 [spoken to Ancestor 1] You know, she get's it from my side of the family.
Mushu [spoken while swinging on a chain] Call out for egg rolls!
First Ancestor [disgusted] Guardians.
[Mushu lands on the steps outside the temple. Mulan walks up to him and rests besides him on the steps]
Mulan Thanks, Mushu [kisses Mushu on the forehead].
Little Brother Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark
[Little brother runs up the steps and into the temple with the bag of grain tied to him. The chickens follow him in]
First Ancestor [annoyed] Mushu!
[Roll Credits]

[The End]

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