Walt Disney's "Treasure Planet"

Theater Release Date: November 27, 2002
Video/Disney DVD Release Date: April 29, 2003

Directors and Producers are John Musker and Ron Clements.

Screenwriters: John Musker and Ron Clements

Art Director: Andy Gaskill

Character Designs: John Mahoney

Score: James Newton Howard (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) is doing the score. It has been reported that Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls has joined the Treasure Planet team. It is rumored he will both write any music for the film, as well as been the singing voice of lead character Jim Hawkins.

Cast: Jack Palance (Long John Silver); Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Jim Hawkins ); Emma Thompson. (Kitty); David Hyde Pierce (Dr. Doppler); Other rumored cast Kevin Zegers, Brian Murray and Martin Short. Other characters: Billy Bones (Pirate); Blind Pew (Pirate); Tom Morgan (Pirate); Black Dog (Pirate); George Merry (Pirate); Dick (Pirate); Flint (Captain Silver's parrot); Ben Gunn (Pirate).

Animators: Glen Keane (Long John Silver); John Ripa (Jim Hawkins); Ken Duncan (Kitty); Dr. Doppler (Sergio Pablos); Ellen Woodbury (Aliens)

Plot: A "Space Odyssey" project. Advance word has it featuring a cast of robots, aliens and space pirates. It's also been mentioned as kind of a "Treasure Island on Mars" adventure.

Story: "Treasure Planet" mixes Treasure Island with science fiction, somehow including the familiar characters from the book. In this Jim Hawkins, a young man who is searching for the lost treasure of Captain Flint. The only problem for Jim is that one of Flint's pirates, a certain Long John Silver is also looking for the treasure.

Disney Has Big Plans For "Planet". The Hollywood Reporter. January 25, 2002.
In a groundbreaking move sure to delight fans of IMAX and animation everywhere, Walt Disney Pictures has annouced plans to release its major holiday 2002 animated feature, "Treasure Planet," simultaneously in large-format cinemas as well as in 35mm venues.

A Disney animated version of "Treasure Island" scheduled to release 2002. The only difference is that the film is set in outerspace with alien worlds and other galactic wonders.

About the characters: Jim Hawkins is a teenager, smart but he has a big chip on his shoulder and always getting into trouble, in which we learn came about because his father left when he was very young. Dr Doppler is an avid explorer and friend of Jim's mother. Captain Amelia - Captain of the "RLS Legacy". He's appearance has cat-like facial features. John Silver is a half human and half cyborg. Hand drawn animation on human half and computer animation on cyborg half. B.E.N. - Bio Electronic Navigator. B.E.N. was marooned on Treasure Planet all alone for 100 years (so later in the movie when he meets one of the people in the movie he cannot stop talking). B.E.N. has alot of funny lines. Morph is a cute shape shifter who is a friend of John Silver. Morph is like a mixture of Flubber and a number of cute Disney characters combined: Flit, Meeko, and Abu.

"Glen Keane should be working on Treasure Planet by the end of April. Keane was supervising animator on many of Disney's film projects including Pocahontas, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan. Glen Keane is animating the main character of this 'Treasure Island in space' project currently in development. There's a scoop that the main character's arm will be computer animated while the rest of his body is traditional animation. Production on Treasure Planet is scheduled to begin in June 1999. There is a second confirmation of Glen Keane's involvement on Treasure Planet. "I would like to confirm that yes, Glen Keane is DEFINITELY working on Treasure Planet. He has moved from Paris to California, one because of 'Treasure' and also because his son, Max, is going to art school (Calarts). About the character he is working on, however, it is NOT the main character, however, he is the villain of the film. It is not only his arm that is computer animated, but half of his body and face! They still haven't locked down what/how they are going to do this great feat of animation technology, but they sure picked a great guy to animate it!!! I would also like to note that the directors, Ron and John, are looking at films like The Three Calibaro's, and other older stuff done by the famous Mary Blair for the style of their film."

As of May 29, 1999- Glen Keane is going to animated Long John Silver, who is going to be a cyborg. As of March 14, 1999-A scooper overheard from someone working at Disney that Glen Keane would be working on Treasure Planet by the end of April, '99. Keane was supervising animator on many of Disney's film projects including Pocahontas, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast as well as the forthcoming Tarzan.

April 16, 1999... Another scooper wanted to add that Glen Keane is animating the main character of this 'Treasure Island in space' project currently in development. We've also been scooped the main character's arm will be computer animated while the rest of his body is traditional animation. This was recently seen at The Disney Convention at The Plaza in Lower Regent St, London "The Disney Rep. started by showing the logo for this film. It's based on Treasure Island, but set in space. Basically he said the premise behind it was that Disney have never done an animated feature set in space. And the question was "What could we do that hasn't been done with SFX in live action movies?" The answer from their animation studios was "Loads". He mentioned visually playing with some of the concepts of space and time, showing incredible visions of alien worlds and otherworldly life. And also adapting characters like Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins to the theme. There was also artwork with these characters' silhouettes set against a volcanic planet's cracking surface. On May 5, it was heard that they are trying to get Sean Connery for the Long John Silver character. It's described as a space odyssey, conceived by the duo and will feature a cast of characters that includes alien creatures, robots and space pirates. Some described this as 'Treasure Island on Mars' or 'Treasure Planet'. The team will move to this new project after completing 'Hercules'.

"...Oh, the coolness that I have seen up on the walls on the top floor! They have many character model sheets, layouts, and paintings on display, and the standouts were for "Atlantis" and a new film called "Treasure Planet"! Yes, Claudia Christian and Michael J. Fox are doing lead voices for "Atlantis" but even cooler is the supporting character done by Leonard Nimoy (as the wizened Atlantean Elder) and -get this- a comic relief "crotchety old geezer" voiced by none other than (the late) Jim Varney! Yes, you can say it...c'mon, I know you're dying to... "Ernest Goes to Atlantis" Hee-hee. The Michael J. Fox character is smartly drawn. He is lanky, bespectacled and bookish. He looks rather like the kid in Pagemaster all grown up. I expect they'll be playing him up as the "unexpected hero" character who discovers there's more to him than anyone thought. But the Leonard Nimoy character design is a triumph. He is an old man with a great white beard and mysterious glyphs tattooed on his face. With his staff and solemn gaze he is a hybrid of Gandalf the Grey (from LOTR) and Queequeg (from Moby Dick). The layouts and scenic paintings are neat. Much of it resembles "Raiders of the Lost Ark", showing the ancient Atlantean ruins, crumbling and moss-covered. Especially evocative are the Ship designs and two monolithic statues that come to life... It gives the impression of being high-caliber adventure with a strong taste of Jules Verne nostalgia. But what really got my gander up was the artwork for this new "Treasure Planet!" I've never seen anything like it! Take the classic Robert Louis Stevenson "Treasure Island" and cross it with Lucas' "Star Wars"... I was breathtaken! Instead of ships on the ocean, the protagonists sail across the stars in these huge space-vessels that look like galleons. The dramatis personae are mostly demi-human; some with strange alien-characteristics, some with metallic, robot prosthetics. I saw monsters that were chilling, Elvish, sleek villains with strange eyes, and great hulking Space-Pirateswith peg-legs! What's really special is the blend of styles. You have high-tech futuristic trappings everywhere, but it's deeply bedded in the Victorian style of Stevenson's original environment. This combination, though at first incongruous, works like a charm. I am reminded of the rich illustrations in James Gurney's "Dinotopia": not in content, but just in the renderings and style. I was deeply impressed by the "Treasure Planet" artwork and look forward to a glimpse of more... I only wish I had a scanner to show you!" Information from Aint-It-Cool-News.

"Due for release November 2002 in the USA and Christmas 2002 here in Australia. The story is loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The setting for the movie is Outer Space (which in the feature is called the etherium). The technology in the movie has an 18th century look. The movie is filled with amazing solar sailing ships (imagine an 18th century three masted sailing ship with Solar Sails not sails to catch wind with to catch the solar wind from the stars, Also the ship is equipped with artificial gravity and propulsion drive and you get an idea of the ships). These ships sail through the Universe as well through the etherium are amazing space creatures. The story opens with a Prologue as we go 100 years into the past to meet Captain Flint the Greatest Pirate of all time. He plundered the ships of 1,000 worlds and after plundering the ships he would mysteriously completely disappear. It is folk lore that his treasure is on Treasure Planet but no one knows it's location. We then cross to the setting of the movie to a town with the Ben Pzo Inn run by Jim's mother. At the Inn everyone from all over the region is fed. Great animation as we saw this sequence. Jim is out and runs across an old Geyser who has been mortally hurt Billy Bones. Jim helps Billy to the Inn where Jim is given an orb and Billy tells him to guard it well. Pirates suddenly attack and burn the Inn as Dr Doppler, Jim and his mother escape. Later at Dr Doppler's residence he says that it will take years to understand the orb. Suddenly Jim does something to it and an amazing star map appears (great animation) showing the way though the galaxies to Treasure Planet. Dr Doppler organizes an expedition to Treasure Planet. We find ourselves at an amazing 18th Century looking port city which is a ringed space station with 18th century sailing ships (actually space ships that sail through the etherium). We saw amazing animation this space port. We get our first look at the RLS Legacy (the expedition ship). The animation of the ship leaving the port, unfurling its solar sails, the commencement of propulsion and heading into the etherium was outstanding. It journeys into the etherium passing a pod of amazing space creatures that looked a little like whales but more majestic. Captain Amelia takes Jim and Dr Doppler aside and tells them not to mention anything about Treasure Planet to the crew. The crew comprises some very unusual looking creatures. We saw the first meeting between Jim and John Silver in the galley. In this scene we also meet Morph, a shape shifter friend of John Silver. During the course of the movie Jim and Silver do a lot together and become close. There is one song in the movie and it is a wonderful bonding song of Jim and Silver in it and we see flashbacks to Jim's father leaving. Silver thinks Jim's great and Jim feels warmth towards Silver. This is the heart of the story. As the ships journey continues on we see the first Solar Storm absolutely amazing animation. The ship is guided safely away from a black hole. During the storm a character is lost overboard. Jim is in trouble for this as he was responsible for securing the lifelines. Jim thinks it was his mistake but is was one of the other members of the crew. Later the crew mutinies and the Captain, Jim and Dr Doppler escape to Treasure Planet. Jim heads of and meets B.E.N. the robot and the adventure continues as they find the gateway to the treasure." Information from Aint-It-Cool-News.

"Treasure Planet" Production Artwork.

Disney's Treasure Planet

Disney DVD Features:

Three Navigational Platforms including: Visual Commentary (In addition to providing audio commentary, join the Producer and Directors as they take viewers behind the scenes). Family Menu. Behind-The-Scenes Menu. Deleted Scenes. Alternate Ending. RLS Legacy Game. Take a virtual 3-D tour of the ship and be challenged to the ultimate treasure hunt. Disney's Animated Magic. Go behind the scenes with Walt Disney Feature Animation Chairman Roy Disney. Disney Pedia: The Life of A Pirate Revealed. Discover fun and interesting tales of the age of piracy. Still Art Galleries. Character Galleries. Animation Featurette. Dimensional Staging. Merging 2D and 3D Worlds. Music Featurette. Music Video, And Much More. Widescreen anamorphic format

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