Disney's Pinocchio Title

Premiere Date: February 7, 1940

Running Time:
88 Minutes

Rated: G


A wooden puppet, Pinocchio, created by Geppetto is brought to life by the Blue Fairy. He is lead astray by Honest John and his companion Gideon. Honest John hands Pinocchio to a puppeteer named Stromboli. Pinocchio is sent to Pleasure Island where wicked boys turn into donkeys. He escapes Pleasure Island with the assistance of his friend and conscience Jiminy Cricket. He redeems himself by saving his father from the belly of Monstro the whale. Pinocchio is rewarded by the Blue Fairy, she turns him into a real boy and makes Jiminy an honorary conscience.





 Don Brodie

 J. Worthington Foulfellow/
Honest John

 Walter Catlett


 Frankie Darro

 Jiminy Cricket

Cliff Edwards 


 Dickie Jones

 Stromboli/The Coachman

 Charles Judels


 Christian Rub

 The Blue Fairy

 Evelyn Venable

Gideon (Hiccup Sound) 

Mel Blanc


Based On The Novel
"The Adventures of Pinocchio" By Carlo Collodi


 Hamilton Luske
Ben Sharpsteen


 Aurelius Battaglia
William Cottrell
Don DaGradi
Otto Englander
Erdman Penner
Joseph Sabo
Ted Sears
Webb Smith


 Bill Roberts
Norman Ferguson
Jack Kinney
Wilfred Jackson
T. Hee


 Walt Disney


 Ted Sears
Otto Englander
Webb Smith
William Cottrell
Joseph Sabo
Erdman Penner
Aurelius Battaglia


Joe Grant
Albert Hurter
John P. Miller
Campbell Grant
Martin Provensen
John Walbridge
Norm Ferguson


 Leigh Harline
Paul J. Smith
Ned Washington


Charles Philippi
Hugh Hennesy
Kenneth Anderson
Dick Kelsey
Kendall O'Connor
Terrell Stapp
Thor Putname
John Hubley
McLaren Stewart
Al Zinnen


 Claude Coats
Merle Cox
Ed Starr
Ray Huffine


 Jack Campbell
Oliver M. Johnston
Berny Wolf
Don Towsley
Don Luck
John Lounsbery
Norman Tate
John Bradbury
Lynn Karp
Charles Nichols
Art Palmer
Joshua Meador
Don Tobin
Robert Martsch
George Rowley
John McManus
Don Patterson
Preston Blair
Les Clark
Marvin Woodward
Hugh Fraser
John Elliotte


Pinocchio, Geppetto, Figaro, Cleo, Jiminy Cricket,
J. Worthington Foulfellow/Honest John,
Gideon, Barker, Lampwick, Stromboli,
The Coachman, The Blue Fairy, Monstro


"When You Wish Upon A Star",
"Hi Diddle Dee Dee", "I've Got No Strings"

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"Pinocchio: A Lession in Honesty":
an educational film released in September 1978.

 "Pinocchio Village Haus":
Fast-food restaurant in Fantasyland, Walt Disney World.

 "Pinocchio's Daring Journey": Fantasyland dark ride attraction at
Tokyo Disneyland (April 15, 1983; Disneyland(May 25, 1983);
"Les Voyages de Pinocchio" at Disneyland Paris.

 "Figaro and Cleo" (October 15, 1943): Figaro cartoon short.
"Figaro and Frankie" (May 30, 1947): Figaro cartoon short.

 "Cat Nap Pluto" (August 13, 1948):
Cartoon starting Pluto and Figaro.

 "Bath Day" (October 11, 1946):
Cartoon starting Figaro, Minnie Mouse, and Lucifer.

 "Jiminy Cricket"the name was first hear of when the Dwarfs return
to their cottage in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
Jiminy also introduced educational cartoons on the original
Mickey Mouse Club. He also introduced the first segment on the
feature film, "Fun and Fancy Free".

"Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo":
television show that aired September 28, 1955.

"Jiminy Cricket, P.S. (Problem Solver)":
an educational film released in September 1983.


Academy Award winner for best original score and best song
("When You Wish Upon A Star"), 1941.

 Many film historians describe the film as the most
technically perfect of all the Disney animated features.

The film was rereleased in 1945, 1954, 1962, 1971, 1978, 1984, and
1992. The film was released onto video in 1985, 1993, and 1999.
The film was released onto DVD in 1999.


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