Atlantis The Lost Empire

Princess Kidagakash

Princess Kidagakash Princess Kidagakash

Heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis
The Princess longs to discover the secrets of her past and the
events that led to the demise of her nation.

Cree Summer

TV Credits
"A Different World" (1987)

Movie Credits
"Fields of Endless Days" (1978)
"Wild Thing" (1987)

Voice-Over Credits (Film and TV)
"Inspector Gadget" - Penny (1983)
"The Care-Bears Movie" - Kim (1985)
"Tiny Toon Adventures" - Elmyra Duff (1990)
"Rugrats" - Suzie Carmichael (1991)
"Jungle Cubs" - Prince Louis (1996)
"The Rugrats Movie" - Suzie Carmichael (1998)
"An Extremely Goofy Movie" - Girl at Club (2000)
"Rugrats in Paris: The Movie" - Susie Carmichael (2000)

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